A tattoo consists of the local insertion of ink pigments into the skin (epidermis) through needles and requires basic aftercare in the posterior phase:

The redness and swelling characteristic of the tattooed zone can last for 3 days and should be treated with a bandage 3 times a day (in the first 3 days);
The bandage, dressing, should be done with an absorbent material, paper towel is preferred. Avoid putting gauze or plastic wrap directly on the tattoo, as it prevents your skin from breathing. The cleaning of the inflamed area should be done preferably with cold water.

During the healing process, between 15 and 30 days, it’s important to apply lotion that allows the healthy regeneration of the skin tissue. To that effect, Just Tattoos advises Benpanthen cream.
The lotion should be applied in a thin and transparent layer over the tattooed area.

During this period you should avoid clothing and shoes that can cause a lot of pressure and friction, direct sunlight, pools, saunas and jacuzzis.
Regarding the daily shower, it can be done normally. However, it’s convenient that the tattoo is washed gently and without the use of sponges. It should not be a long or a hot shower.

Physical exercise should be done in moderation or avoided for the first days after getting a tattoo.